Project Plans in Cubbies


The Ashlake Crossing and Trails project sits adjacent to Hancock Village on Hull Street off Ashlake Parkway. This project is a housing development featuring two large apartments buildings, a functioning though decorative retaining wall, and many accommodations to enjoy the water behind the site including paths and a decorative dock. We are proud to be a part of this addition to the surrounding area, and we will work our hardest to ensure the CD Hall Construction stamp of excellence is on full display from start to finish. 

Project Highlights

  • Close to five acres of site development
  • Over 25,000 cubic-yards of dirt moved
  • Over one mile of storm and utility pipe
  • Nearly one mile of curb and gutter
  • Nearly 80,000 square-feet of concrete flatwork and paved area
  • Road improvements to Ashlake Parkway and Ashbrook Parkway

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