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The Carriage Hill project was an extension of the already existing Carriage Hill apartment complex. As such, when CD Hall Construction was operating, the crews made sure to keep all site debris and erosion safely on the jobsite itself both during the extensive period of site demo and throughout the rest of our time on site. Despite being a relatively compact site, it needed to have over 21,000 cubic yards of earth moved to achieve final grades. With that excavation, underground storm sewer and utility pipes, thousands of feet of curb and gutter, extensive flatwork and paved areas, the site has that signature stamp of CD Hall Construction excellence.

Project Highlights

  • 6 acres of clearing
  • Over 21,000 cubic yards of earth moved
  • Large building pad
  • Over 10,000 linear feet of underground pipe
  • Over 8,500 linear feet of curb and gutter
  • Over 17,000 square feet of concrete flatwork
  • Over 71,000 square feet of paved area

Project Location

Henrico, Virginia

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