Project Plans in Cubbies


CD Hall Construction is responsible for both the building and site demolition and the sitework at the Carytown Exchange site. Like the demolition, the work required to bring this site to completion has had to be surgical due to busy city streets on all four sides of the site. CD Hall has expertly laid the ground work for the new home of a large Publix with an attached parking garage along with several other retail buildings all while ensuring the surrounding businesses remain operational.

Despite the small relative size, this site still required tens of thousands of cubic yards of material moved, over a mile of underground pipe, and thousands of square feet of paved or concrete-covered area.

Project Highlights

  • Tens of thousands of cubic yards of material moved
  • Over a mile of storm sewer pipe, sanitary sewer pipe, and waterline, combined
  • Over half a mile of curb and gutter
  • Over 35,000 square feet of concrete flatwork
  • Over 25,000 square feet of paved area

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