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The Commonwealth Apartments job site sits in the Commonwealth Center Parkway exit loop adjacent to Commonwealth 20. With easy access to both State Route 288 and Hull Street Road, this complex is truly in a great location. But more importantly, it will have a great finished product due to the hard work and expertise of the CD Hall Construction Team.

After nearly 8 acres of dense foliage is cleared, CD Hall will have to import tens of thousands of cubic yards to bring this site up to grade due to the nearly 40 foot difference between the highest and lowest elevations of the existing ground; and although moving dirt is not always pretty, the site itself will be beautiful when it is finished. It will feature multiple, multi-tiered buildings; a large detention pond; over 7,500 linear feet of curb and gutter; and the undeniable CD Hall attention to detail on every inch of the site package.

Project Highlights

  • Nearly 8 acres of clearing
  • Tens of thousands of cubic yards of imported material
  • Multiple, multi-tiered building pads
  • Numerous retaining walls
  • Large detention pond
  • Nearly 3,000 linear feet of storm sewer pipe
  • Nearly one mile of underground utility pipe
  • Over 7,500 linear feet of curb and gutter
  • Over 33,000 square feet of concrete flatwork
  • Nearly 145,000 square feet of paved area

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