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Richmond’s Regency mall may have had to say goodbye to its Sears, but it will be welcoming a brand-new apartment complex in its place, and CD Hall will be there on the ground to perfectly execute the site work package associated with this project. Since this site was previously home to the Sears, there is an extensive amount of site demolition that needs to be taken care of in order to succeed with this project, and luckily the CD Hall Team is more than up for the task. Also due to the previous usage, thousands of cubic yards of material need to be brought in to bring this site up to finished grades. After those cubic yards are brought in, the storm sewer is installed, the utilities are in the ground, the curb and gutter is poured along with the sidewalks, and the site is paved, it will be obvious by the quality and efficiency with which the site package was completed that this was a CD Hall Construction job executed with skill, speed, and an amazing attention to detail.

Project Highlights

  • Extensive site demolition including the removal of asphalt pavement, sidewalk, curb and gutter, and underground utilities.
  • Erosion and sediment measures taken to provide a clean jobsite and surrounding area
  • Thousands of cubic yards of imported material to achieve finished grades
  • Multi-tiered building pad and parking garage
  • Over 2,000 linear feet of storm sewer pipe
  • Nearly 1,500 LF of underground utility pipe
  • Over 3,500 linear feet of curb and gutter
  • Over 25,000 square feet of concrete flatwork
  • Over 70,000 square feet of paved area, including mill and overlay

Time Lapse Video

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