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The Stony Run Condos job is located conveniently near the intersection of Route 1 and Sliding Hill Road, off Lakeridge Parkway. Featuring turn lane road improvements, multiple retaining walls, and intense grading, this job is CD Hall Construction’s specialty—and we aim to deliver a perfectly put together site when all is said and done. Upon delivery, the site will have had over 45,000 cubic yards of dirt moved, nearly one mile of storm sewer pipe, nearly 4,000 linear feet of underground utility pipe, several retaining walls, and an impressive amount of concrete and pavement. And, as always, the site will have the signature air of CD Hall Construction excellence.

Project Highlights

  • Over 11 acres of clearing
  • Over 45,000 cubic yards of earth moved
  • Several large building pads
  • Numerous retaining walls
  • Over 5,000 linear feet of storm sewer pipe
  • Nearly 4,000 linear feet of utility pipe
  • Over 6,400 linear feet of curb and gutter
  • Over 18,000 square feet of concrete flatwork
  • Over 144,000 square feet of paved area

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