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The Winston Park project is a multi-lot development off Old Bon Air Road. The entire 6 acre site required ample clearing to make room for the 1,300 linear feet of roadway and 31 lots attributed to the project. Often times, when a site is complete, it is easy to forget just how much work remains unseen, underground. For instance, at Winston Park, there is over 1,600 linear feet of storm sewer pipe and over 4,000 linear feet of utility pipe invisible from the ground, but expertly put in place. Not only did CD Hall ensure everything underground was properly and safely installed, the crews also had to move over 10,000 cubic yards of early to achieve final grades for the project—a project that CD Hall Construction has never sacrificed safety, speed, or quality to achieve.

Project Highlights

  • 6 acres of clearing
  • Over 10,000 cubic yards of earth moved
  • 1,600 linear feet of storm sewer pipe installed
  • Over 4,000 linear feet of underground utility pipe
  • Over 3,200 linear feet of curb and gutter
  • Over 34,300 square feet of concrete flatwork and paved area

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