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Leadership Team

When you’re the type of guy that can do it all, it is difficult to capture an appropriate job title to suit that person. Formerly our Concrete Superintendent, Steve’s gifting and intellect go beyond any single specialty. What truly sets this Eagle Scout apart is his ability to take any task given, embrace it, own it, and make it happen. Steve is remarkably technical which is in part owing to his meticulous personality but also a product of his education, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Building Construction from Virginia Tech.

Steve serves as our Shop Foreman & Logistics Manager, leading a team of mechanics and welders that are responsible for the care and maintenance of hundreds of pieces of owned equipment that comprise the C.D. Hall fleet. Steve and his team keep the fleet running in peak condition but are also poised to respond quickly so that when repairs are needed, a minute isn’t wasted in getting equipment back in working order.

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